The kitchen

Neapolitan fried delicacies specialties, as the potato croquette, fried pasta, zucchini flowers, rice ball, aubergine and smoked cheese rolls, the famous “Montanare” small fried pizza dough with fresh tomato, parmesan and basil. Everything home cooked and special care at the oils management.


Wide selection of vegetable recipes, seafood, carpaccio and marinated, souté of clams, peppered mussels and fresh seafood salads.


With the aim to satisfyng the needs and the most demanding palates, the dishes are freshly prepared mostly using fresh homemade pasta or Gragnano and De Cecco pasta.

Meat and fish

Grilled squid filled with zucchini “alla scapece”, tuna steak with cherry tomatoes sauge, black olives from Gaeta and Pantelleria’s capers, swordfish’s parmigiana are expression of Neapolitan tradition and imagination of our chef. We do a lot of attention to the fat and the balance of the diets, cooking simply and exalting the freshness of the products used.


The preparation of the dough for pizzas, according to the best practice of Naples, is left in view of the rising many hours’ absence of artificial yeasts. The result is that the pizza becomes light and leaves, so as to allow guests to enjoy the quality of the products used as seasoning.

… and all the best of the Neapolitan kitchen

Buon appetito!